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February Is Black History Month

The Black History Month theme for 2024 is “Rhythms of Resilience: One Soul, One Sound.” This month’s theme centers on the concept that Black history, culture, and music embody a tapestry of diversity and interconnection, rather than being a single narrative

We are happy to be participating and partnering with Wakefield High School, Dorothy Hamm Middle School, Encore Learning, and WETA television as we honor our ancestors, highlight our contemporary changemakers, and envision the future we want to build together

When first established, Black History Month resulted in some controversy. Those who believed that Black History Month was limited to educational institutions questioned whether it was appropriate to confine the celebration of Black history to one month, as opposed to the integration of Black history into mainstream education for the whole year. Another concern was that, contrary to the original inspiration for Black History Month, which was a desire to redress how American schools failed to represent Black historical figures as anything other than enslaved people or colonial subjects. Many now believe one month a year is ridiculous.  

We are happy to see Black History Month becoming bigger, brighter, and broader each year in Arlington, and BHMA is more than proud to be celebrating and presenting this history every day because of the support from people like you!

Happy Black History Month! Enjoy, learn, & share!

Dr. Scott Edwin Taylor


65th  Anniversary of the Intergration of Public Schools

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Checkout this new video on Queen City produced by Frank Carroll of WETA TV
The Black Heritage Museum was happy to contribute!

Our Civil War Tribute Exhibit

The Conyers Family

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