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May Is Upon Us!

It’s hard to believe it’s already May! We are so fortunate that Arlington offers such a delightful Blend of activities, culture celebrations, and finally, we have beautiful weather.   May … Continued

Happy April

We want to say thank you to so many of you who continue to show constant interest in our museum and its history. We struggle monthly to stay alive, and sadly we’re not the only ones. Six out of 10 museums now fear for their survival, so we want our supporters to know we are very grateful when you donate to us, visit and or buy something from our gift area.

Happy Women’s History Month!

Celebrating Courageous Women During Women’s History Month, we celebrate the courageous women who have helped our Nation build a fairer, more just society.  Throughout history, the vision and achievements of … Continued

February Is Black History Month

The Black History Month theme for 2024 is “Rhythms of Resilience: One Soul, One Sound.” This month’s theme centers on the concept that Black history, culture, and music embody a … Continued

Happy Holidays!

As another year draws to a close, most of you will be in the midst of preparations for this festive season. This is a very special time of the year … Continued

Happy September!

It is September and the beginning of a new school year for our children. I cannot emphasize enough the great need to teach black history into the classrooms.  Why is … Continued

We’re Having a Fantastic Spring!

It’s all about community. The Black Heritage  Museum of Arlington is a place where people can develop meaningful connections by exploring community history through visual, literary and in person events. … Continued

Enslaved In Arlington Uncovered

Memorializing the Enslaved in Arlington is pleased to announce the unveiling of the first
edition of The Enslaved People of Arlington, Virginia: A Spreadsheet documenting the lives of over 1400 enslaved individuals in Arlington from 1669-1865.